Bank transfer link not working

  • 24 August 2022
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I have a fund-raiser running at the moment. I really need to withdraw the money but every time I click on the bank transfer link it doesn't work and just sends me back my home page... I really need this money asap!  



8 replies

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@Shauna Darcy this sounds like it might be an internet or browser issue– can you try setting up transfers using Google Chrome on a computer and let us know if that works for you? I can see you’ve already written into our customer care team as well, and they’ll be able to help with this once they reply to you via email.

I thought that might of been the issue, I have tried using my computer browser, when it wasn't working on my phone and still had no luck.


I'm hoping they will get back to me soon

I am having the same issue, I have used my phone and 2 browsers on my computer but it is still doing the same thing…. 


Is someone able to explain how to fix the issue please

@Shauna Darcy  were you able to fix the issue? I am having the same problem 


I didn't unfortunately! I had to refund all my donations and start a whole new campaign... Unfortunately Go Fund Me didn't get back to me in resolving the issue

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Hey @Amiey Doolan You won’t have to refund your account. Our team will follow up once they get through their queue and reach your inquiry. I’ve also already reported your account to our product team to take a closer look, so please hang tight while our Care team gets back to you. 

There is no BANK TRANSFER section appearing under the “manage fundraiser” section. Nothing?!!  I need to set up this bank transfer and withdraw funds for my oragnization ASAP!  And I can’t find one number to call you. PLEASE we need help with this!!!!!

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@Betsy Kilkenny I see you’ve set up a charity fundraiser on GoFundMe. With charity fundraisers, donations are processed by PayPal Giving Fund, who sends the money to the selected charity's PayPal account on a monthly basis. Personal fundraisers allow you or someone else to withdraw donations directly to your bank account.

Since donations are sent automatically to the organization, you won’t need to set up bank transfers You can read through this article to ensure your organization is already registered with GoFundMe. And if you have any trouble or specific questions about the bank transfers, you can contact our customer care team directly by clicking on the green “Get Help” button here.

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