Beneficiary Account still 'In Further Review' after being setup and verified, after a month?

  • 2 August 2022
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Hi. I am the organizer for a beneficiary that tried to withdraw funds and couldn’t see funds to withdraw, even though there are funds collected by the fundraiser.

Bank transfers were setup correctly and there is a green banner on top saying transfers will take place in 2-5 days (though I think that’s just a generic statement)

The issue I saw was that, when looking in her account and bank info, it said ‘In Further Review’ and that it will take 2-3 business days to verify...except this account was created a month ago!

What information is needed, if any, because it never gave a red banner or asked for anything more for verification?

Also, as organizer, through the app, it says that beneficiary needs to complete identification verification….but what specifically? Again, it doesn’t specify.

It never asked for Bank Statement, nor ID to be uploaded. Is that what the issue is?

3 replies

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@AlexanderC unfortunately your beneficiary is running into an ongoing bug in the process of getting fixed, but our customer care team can help– Cheryl can write in to the support team here by clicking the green “Get Help” button:

I can see you’ve already written into their team as well, so you can also choose to wait for them to follow up to your email instead. So sorry for the inconvenience and thanks so much for your patience in the meantime! 

Thank you Olivia. When should I expect to hear from support? It has been 2 days. Thanks.

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@AlexanderC I just reached out to their team to get this expedited for you. They should be following up shortly so keep an eye out for their reply. Thanks so much for your continued patience. 

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