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  • 29 November 2021
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Hi I started a gofundmeaccount account this morning. I didn't see any questions about adding my bank account. How does this work. I know I have 1 donation from someone I know and she let me know. So far.....It doesn't show though so even before I posted I couldn't find anything about where the money goes.

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@Rachel Losure I can confirm you haven’t received any donations yet, so there’s no need to add your bank account at this time. Please keep in mind, donations can fail for a few different reasons, including incorrect or missing information entered into payment fields, insufficient funds, or card declines by credit card issuers.I would recommend asking your donor to try their donation once more. If they continue to have trouble, using another web browser or attempting to donate on a different device can often fix the issue. If they’re still not able to complete their donation, please advise them to reach out to our customer care team here:

You can also learn more about how to withdraw here: 

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