Can Subject Line of Email Invite Be Changed?

  • 6 August 2022
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I began my GoFundMe yesterday for a very sick friend. He provided me with a couple of email addresses of people he thought might help. I’ve had such little response that I decided I wanted to see what the invite email looks like, so I sent one to myself at an alternate email address and I was shocked. There is nothing showing in the subject line or opening line that mentions my friend’s name, only my name, so there is no reason at all for any of the people that I sent invites to to open and see the GoFundmMe and see who it is for. They do not know me. My request is urgent ad of a timely nature. Can the subject line be changed? There is no point in my sending out any more invites like this.


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@Carol O'Brien Because you’re the organizer and set up the fundraiser, your name will be displayed when sharing it. Donors tend to feel much more comfortable donating to a fundraiser when they know who is running it and in charge of the funds.This also provides them with a main point of contact to come to with any questions. 

However, you can add Dan as a team member so he can invite his friends directly. His name will then appear in the subject line instead.  You can learn more about how to add a team member here:

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