Can't find my GoFundMe

  • 20 November 2021
  • 2 replies

I can’t seem to find my go fund me and Merritt Island where I live can anybody put me in the right direction please

2 replies

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Hi @Kim Dilday you fundraiser link is here:

Also, if you type in “Merritt Island” into the GoFundMe search engine, your fundraiser shows up first

Keep in mind, most of the donations will likely come from sharing your link with the people you know rather than anyone searching for it on GoFundMe. Hope this helps! 

Thank you very much! I did find it. Yes I have been sharing it on my fb with all my friends. I am not good with other social media outlets. I am doing the best I can. Again thank you so very much! Have a wonderful and safe holiday ❤️

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