Charity Fundraisers no longer allow teams

  • 4 January 2022
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With the recent changes to GoFundMe Charity, our fundraisers can no longer allow teams to be created within our events. Does anyone have any solutions or workarounds for this issue?


1 reply

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@Liz Klos This is a great question! You can invite people to join your fundraiser as team members, where they can interact with donors and track how many donations they’ve helped to raise. Check out this article on team fundraising to learn more. 

If you need multiple teams, you can give directions for team organizers to create a nonprofit fundraiser and select your organization as the beneficiary. They can then invite team members directly to their page. These team fundraisers won’t be connected to a head fundraiser, like it did on GoFundMe Charity, but you can still track all the individual teams from your GoFundMe Charity Dashboard. Learn more about this here.

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