"Current balance" 0 and "Donations still processing" 0

  • 18 August 2022
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Good morning. I just set up my banking information and it was approved. But now "Current balance" shows 0 and "Donations still processing" also shows 0. 


The total amount fundraised is correct, it just doesn’t seem like it’s going to transfer anything?!

5 replies

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Hey @Kenneth Bohn I see that you were able to resolve this with a team member. For anyone else who is seeing something similar, we’re currently having some display issues with the transfer overview feature for some accounts. Most of the time, the funds will be on their way, but they won’t be showing properly in the account. Feel free to ask us if you think you might be affected! 


I’m new to GoFundMe and a bit anxious about this. Last night my current balance was at £500 from donations and said it would be with me by a certain date. But this morning it is at 0. is this supposed to happen? Does this mean the funds have been transferred and will be with me in the 2- 5 business days?

and is this what consistently happens? 


Please Help so I can stop worrying :)



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Hey @William James Smith Yes, that means funds are on the way! You’ll have another batch as well once your other donations complete their processing. 


I’m having a similar issue- set up my bank account and it’s showing the current amount of donations but says in the breakdown that donations are processing, even though people donated months ago…? How do I check to make sure the money gets withdrawn? You guys should really up your messaging game either through email or in-app to make it clear to the user what’s actually going on. I shouldn’t have to guess if this money is being withdrawn. 

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Hi @Alex Moulakelis I’m sorry about the confusion here, and thanks for this feedback, I’ll share it with the team.

If you want to double check the status of your funds, our Customer Care team can help– scroll down our Help Center to the green “Get help” button to get in touch with them. https://support.gofundme.com/  



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