GoFundMe "Customer Service" is a feedback loop

  • 13 January 2022
  • 2 replies

I got an email that claimed my bank account settings were wrong and so my campaigns funds weren’t deposited into my account. I tried to go into my campaign account and change the settings as GoFundMe requested but there was literally no option to do that. Then I try their “help” chat robot which is just a feedback loop of empty garbage. The bot claimed it would send me an email. GFM really has no number i can call? I’ll never do a fundraiser on this platform again.

2 replies

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Hi @Ave Rose I’m so sorry to hear you ran into an issue with our contact bot. This particular bot is pretty new, and while 99% of the time he’s working great, occasionally we’ve seen reports of issues we’ve needed to fix. I’m so sorry you ran into one of those. I’ll investigate this and make sure it gets fixed right away, and check in with the team about the status of your ticket.  

I paid thirty five dollars to monster fundraiser and found out it is a scam so if anybody gets anything from them. DELETE them!

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