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  • 24 November 2021
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We are using a GoFundMe teams fundraiser. We have players who are sending emails and using the link (rather than putting each individual donor email into the gofundme platform) to have people donate but then it is not getting assigned to the player who sent the link. Is there a way to assign the donation after it has been made so the  player can see how much they have raised?

1 reply

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@jdhmb Great question. Our customer care team can take care of this on their end, and assign donations to a team member after the donation is made. 

If the team member knows the donor’s email address, then they can write in to request this change. However, it might be more efficient to ask the donors to reach out instead, since the customer care team will need their permission to make that change anyways. They can write in to make that request here:


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