GoFundMe won't left me withdraw my funds for my husband's funeral

  • 26 November 2021
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I need help, my husband passed away this past Monday and I tried to set up a withdraw because I have to make a down payment at the funeral parlor tomorrow and they say I can't withdraw my funds, they said my fundraiser is under review. I need to speak to a live person. Does anyone know a phone number to call to speak to someone? I uploaded my driver's license, social security card and my bank information. What else do they need? I don't have his dead certificate yet and I won't get that until his funeral. I desperately need this money so I can bury my husband and my 13 year old sons father! My son is the one who found him dead and all I was to do is hurt the love of my life and my son's father and GoFundMe won't let me have the money that was raised for us by friends and family. I NEED to speak to some ASAP so PLEASE if you have a phone number

3 replies

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Hey @Mary Ann Hansen Thanks for reaching out about this. We have reached out to our team and they have completed their review.  For timelines on your withdrawals, and when you should expect to receive them, please check out this article called “When will I receive my money?”

That’s just WRONG .  Makes me wonder if I should cancel. I hope you got your money!

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Hey @Nan Collins just letting you know that this discussion was from November, and was referring to a brief review of a fundraiser to help keep GoFundMe a safe and trusted platform.

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