Got an error and was told to talk to the support team

  • 18 November 2021
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encountered error ...wont post

3 replies

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Hi Michelle, welcome to the GoFundMe Community. Can you tell us a bit more about where you encountered the error? Was it here on the community forums, or when trying to create your GoFundMe campaign? Any details you have can help us direct you to the right place. Thanks!

I filled out all the information on my Gofundme but when I hit submit the error came up in  a purple banner across the top.  And where to I go to talk to a representative for GFM to FIX this?  That’s another reason I had to post here.

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Hey @Michelle Papineau  sorry to hear about the trouble! You can contact the support team from the GoFundMe help center.  Scroll to where it says, ‘Get help’ at the bottom and then fill out your request. 

As a heads up, an bot will try to answer your question. You can bypass it after you scroll through the options it presents. 

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