help any tips or new ideas to help reach goal

  • 8 November 2021
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Good day im fund seems to he a stand still! I wanted to support me friend during these trying times but nothing is working. It was shared on Facebook, texted and emailed to several  friends. I posted the link on what's app and IG I don't know what else to do. With working and attending doctor appointments with her it seems we won't  reach the goal. What are we doing wrong????


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@Leekey It looks like you did a fantastic job fundraising. Twenty-five donors is nothing to scoff at! At this point, you may need to get more hands on with your fundraising. Perhaps you will want to see if those 25 donors would like to each bring a friend to some sort of drive you run. Another option is to host some sort of a game or activity with an entry fee to raise additional funds, and attract people outside of your immediate network. 


You can also wait for another month to go by to see if those 25 donors would like to give again, similar to a recurring donation. 

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