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  • 28 February 2022
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Need help finishing bank transfer I started it then had to back out in the middle of it and will not let me finish putting the beneficiary banking account information just keeps going to beneficiary overview and there's nothing else to click on. Tried emailing the go fund me people and it is not helping so far.  Wondering if anybody else has been through this and can help.

3 replies

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Hi @Kha'Mayeah Joe Richardson welcome to the Community. The Customer Care team over email can probably help you better than the community forums can, but just a quick note that the beneficiary for your GoFundMe is Nathan Joe, which is a different email address than yours. Are you trying to click on the beneficiary invite email while logged into your organizer account? 

I am having the same problem and no one at go fund help will help me

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@Janet Schlenker it looks like a member from the customer care team replied to you yesterday, letting you know that because you’ve added a beneficiary (Corey) to the fundraiser, they’ll need to set up the transfers and not you. You can learn more about that process here:

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