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  • 5 August 2022
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I was notified my donations were transferred to my bank account on 7/31. It is now August 5th and I have nothing yet. What can I do to find out what the hold up is or if there is a problem?


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9 replies

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@Andy Once your bank information is verified, funds are sent daily, and automatically. Individual donations process in 1-14 business days before being included in a transfer and it can take 2 - 5 business days for transfers to reach the bank account after leaving GoFundMe. Your GoFundMe transfer overview will show the date that funds are expected in your bank account, not the date they’re sent from GoFundMe.

I hope this helps! 

I need Help

I'm lost trying to open up community page that blocks me to understanding how to write what I'm trying to do.

Is there any way you can help me 

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@Andrew Tummarello can you explain a bit more about where you’re running into trouble?


I have $505 in my donations that was ready to be set up to my bank. However, the go fund me page is not letting me set up Bing transfers. Also it kept giving me issues going to the verification page wouldn’t send me a text. I have contacted staff I have set up all of the stuff I’ve done everything I’ve googled it, I’ve even came here to the community and asked twice nothing is being done about this issue I am homeless right now with my children that $500 that I have could make a huge difference! Please help please help please

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@Amber Dawn Roach unfortunately this is a bug affecting many accounts on GoFundMe at the moment and our customer care team is working hard to catch up on these requests. We don’t have the tools in community needed to resolve this issue.  However, I can see you’ve already written into the their team so please be on the lookout for their response soon! 

I am still waiting for my go fund me to open up and let me transfer my money to the bank account so I can use my money so I can turn my phone on and not be homeless! Olivia if you can please message me back ASAP! I’ve been waiting for over a month! 

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@Amber Dawn Roach to get this resolved as quickly as possible, you’ll need to communicate where you’re running into trouble with the customer care team. I see the last message Kiana sent to you was on August 15th with instructions. If you're having trouble with those steps, please reply to that email so she can assist as soon as possible. 

Hello! My gofund me page was created a week ago. The bank account was added right away and says that it is all set up. I have donations but when I go into bank transfers it shows a balance of $0.00. There is $0.00 in or siding transactions and nothing has been sent to my account. I need help with this as soon as possible. The funds need to be transferred and used. Please help! 

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@Illiana Varela I see Kajal from the customer care team sent you an email this morning with an update on this issue and your transfers. Please reply to that email with any further questions about this! 

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