Help with Fundraising set-up and best practices.

  • 25 November 2021
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Hello GoFundMe Family,

Happy Thanksgiving. I need your input please. And I hope I’ve not been hacked.  


I’m trying to finish up my set-up and was following directions:

  1. Link a bank account via Trustly (?). It finds the “brand new” account but rejects the final step.
  2. I tried to get help and it's a dead link.
  3. I can’t email because of the subject field won't accept any character and won’t finish set-up.
  4. I tried other functions like “start fundraiser” and it gives the same 404 error message I get for the bank set-up.
  5. Set-up only works on mobile app. 
  6. I tried to reach out to GFM but no telephone or chat options.

How do people ever get things going on GFM with all these issues? Unless of course, I am being a dummy which is completely plausible. 


Can any of you please assist? 




1 reply

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Hi @Chief Troublemaker so sorry for the trouble! Your GoFundMe is linked to Adyen, our payment processor, so you’ll set up your banking information through them and not Trustly. 

If you need assistance with getting that set up, please reach out to our customer care team by clicking the green ‘Get Help’ button here: 

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