How do I accept an invitation to be the beneficiary?

  • 28 December 2021
  • 6 replies

I received an invitation to be the beneficiary of a fundraiser. I click on the link provided in the email, and it takes me to the fundraiser, I try clicking on the “Accept” button, but it does not register my acceptance. There are no articles or any types of help under the help section that offer any type of assistance for an issue like this.

6 replies

This is exactly what is happening to me! Sent go fund me a message 5 days ago with no reply! 

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@Kristyn Dunstan @Lorie Kubert can you please send me the links to your fundraisers so I can look into this? I’ll do my best to help, but may need to put you in touch with our customer care team. 

I got help from customer care! Seems my existing account was set up on an old payment contract and it needed to be set up with the new payment contractor GoFundme is using. 

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Makes sense! I’m happy they were able to help you out @Lorie Kubert :slight_smile:

We are having the same problem! My beneficiary is not able to accept the invite.  She presses the green accept button and then nothing happens. I cannot figure out how to even actually contact customer care.  She is supposed to pay for her surgery in just a few days, so hopefully we can get an answer quickly!

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@The Rutledges so sorry for the trouble! I can see you were able to create a support request, so I’ll reach out to the customer care team and see if we can get this expedited for you. We really appreciate your patience while they catch up on requests from the weekend. Be sure to keep an eye out for their reply via email.

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