How do I change my goal?

  • 27 November 2021
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How do I change my money goal a little higher?

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I probably need to wait and change the goal because $5 thousand dollars will go fast when moving. I can’t pay two rents and December is already here and I have not found anywhere to move. 

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@Cynthia Allen You can increase or decrease your goal amount at any point with these steps:

  1. Click “Your fundraisers” at the top of the page 
  2. Locate the fundraiser you’d like to view and click “Manage”
  3. Choose the "Edit & Settings" button under your fundraiser title. (On your mobile device, simply select "Edit" at the bottom of your screen)
  4. Change your goal amount in the “Overview” tab, then click “Save” at the bottom

I would also recommend starting small when it comes to your goal amount. That might make donors feel like they’re having a bigger impact when supporting your cause! You can learn more here: 

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Thanks for the feedback 🎄

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