How do I put my fundraiser on the GoFundMe website?

  • 7 December 2021
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How to I get my fundraiser put on the actual gofundme website?


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29 replies

I am one of the naive people thinking there's a GFM website to post to.  Argh. I feel foolish.  Most of us are looking for the kindness of strangers.  Plus many folks do not do social media and they're not tech savvy. We are hamstrung here. 

Wish the format would have been posted in caps somewhere before I got my hopes up.  BUT,

I learned something new today. I have grown in understanding from it. I count that as a win.




How to I get my fundraiser put on the actual gofundme website?

Some really great ideas. Especially the dig bones.

@Rocky Osteen Most of your donations will come from people you know, so your best bet to get your page in front of people you don’t know, is to ask your friends to share your story. For ideas on how to go about that, check out this post here. 

The link for “check out this post here” says    

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Hey @Ken Wells we refreshed some old articles a while back. Here’s the new link! 


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