How to assure people that my GoFundMe is not a hoax?

  • 14 November 2021
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How can I assure people that my story is true and not a hoax?

2 replies

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Great question @Kelly Patrizio - and I’m so deeply sorry to see what brings you to GoFundMe. My thoughts are with you and your family.

It’s really important to establish trust with your supporters and I can see you’ve already done a great job in being transparent on your fundraiser.  I would suggest to continue providing as much detail as possible. This means explaining what exactly the donations will be used for, and how you intend on getting the donations to the intended recipient. Explaining how you’ll transfer the funds once the goal is reached may help build trust, and, explaining how the money will be used if that goal isn’t reached can help supporters understand how their contributions will be used as well. Also, if available, providing the link to Connor’s obituary in this case may help ease any concerns. 

I’d also suggest advising anyone who is hesitant to reach out to you directly to ask any questions they might have. By extending out that offer, you’re showing there’s nothing to hide. Lastly, asking your friends and family to share your fundraiser is building trust outside of your network and showing how others are advocating for your cause, too.  

I hope this helps a bit! 

Olivia, Thank you for sharing with me.  I appreciate it.  You confirmed some things that I wanted to do, some things I have already done, and given me some advisement on things I can still do.  Thank you so much.  

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