I have two Gofundme pages and I want to combine them so that I only have one

  • 9 December 2021
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please help….

3 replies

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Hi @Denise Harris, I’m going to direct your request to our customer care team. They should be able to assist with this and make that less confusing to your donors! Be sure to keep an eye out for their reply via email. 

I have the same thing going on, my wife was in a tragic car accident and 2 friends created gofundme pages, is it possible to combine them?

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@Austin Foster unfortunately we won’t be able to combine two separate accounts created by two different people. Just make sure the creators of both fundraisers add you as the beneficiary so you can receive the donations directly. You can learn more about that here: https://support.gofundme.com/hc/en-us/articles/4404558310683-What-to-know-about-being-added-as-a-beneficiary

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