I met my donation goal, but current balance is $0!

  • 23 June 2022
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Hi there! I hit and exceeded my donation goal. I submitted my bank information and ID verification stuff, but the “current balance” in the span of a few hours went from about 120 dollars, to now 0 dollars. I understand pending donations is a thing, I’m just a little worried that the current balance, which was once 120 dollars, has now gone to 0. Can I just get a confirmation from someone on the team that everything is okay? 😅



6 replies

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@Emma Taub I see that amount for $120.77 was sent out today. You might’ve been confused because automatic transfers were scheduled and the money was already scheduled to be sent out to you. Let me know if you have any questions about this still! 

@Olivia I saw that! It arrived in my bank account. 
So the automatic transfers and the ones that I myself schedule are different? Because I have the settings set to “daily” on the transfers, but when I look at when the next scheduled transfer is, there’s none scheduled yet. 
Today, the current balance was in the 200’s with a payment “scheduled” on the 30th, but when I checked just now it had gone back to a balance of 0 with no scheduled transfer. 

Did you figure this out!? Mine is doing the exact same thing im freaking out

@Larisa Herrera I didn’t really figure it out-- but from my understanding, even if it looks confusing, it’s okay. Set up your bank transfers and once the funds are done pending they’re sent over, I have mine set to “daily” and I’ve already started getting payments.
Good luck! 

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@Emma Taub Here are a few things to know about transfer timelines:

  • Once your bank information is verified, funds are sent automatically.
  • Individual donations process in 1-14 business days before being included in a transfer.
  • Transfers initiate on a daily frequency, unless you change to weekly or monthly.
  • Each transfer includes all currently available donations.
  • It takes 2 - 5 business days for transfers to reach the bank account after leaving GoFundMe.
  • Your GoFundMe transfer overview will show the date that funds are expected in your bank account, not the date they’re sent from GoFundMe.

Hope this helps! 

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@Larisa Herrera because you added a beneficiary to your account, the payment account was transferred over to them and they will need to set up transfers. You won’t have access to the funds anymore. Let me know if you have any other questions! 

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