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  • 29 November 2021
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Hi @Ana-lena Quintana it looks like your review has been completed earlier today. Please let us know if you’re still having issues though, and thanks for using GoFundMe.

This has happened to me too. Also people are saying they are trying to donate and GoFundMe me will not allow them to. Please help resolve this. It's an emergency situation. 

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@Carrie Bradshaw I can confirm the hold has been lifted from your account. 

@James Reynolds a member from our payments team will be reaching out to you shortly with more information. Thanks for your patience!

I'm having the same issue, vet payment is needed for emergency care. Please help me

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@Nicolas Vail I can confirm that hold has been removed from your fundraiser so you’re all set. Let us know if you need help reactivating the page or withdrawing the funds. 

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I received a notice on my fundraiser that there was an issue.  I never received an email and reached out via the form on the website.  I received an email from GoFundMe stating that they would be in touch soon.  That was 3 days ago and still nothing.  After reading through things, it appears that I need to send in some documents.  I also needed to change my name as it was not my legal name.  When I go to the ‘withdraw’ section, it says that an email has been sent to confirm.  I did not receive the email and have tried to have it resent several times, but still nothing.  I just need to know how to upload these documents so I can get my funds.

Yes I’m having the same issue. I haven’t received an email either. So, I don’t know what’s going on. I need my funds also. I just don’t understand this. It’s like the donations are in limbo. And I just have to wait and hope I get my funds. This doesn’t seem fair to me or the donors.

my account is on hold help need the funds asap what do i do


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Hi @Christopher Gowan it looks like the review on your fundraiser is complete now and you should be all set to start bank transfers. Thanks for your patience and please let us know if you have any other questions.


I’ve been trying for a week to get through to someone because I have a red banner across my bank account information saying there was an error. I have sent in four emails and heard nothing. I need these funds right away! Can someone help!

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@Keren Rider Thanks for reaching out and we really appreciate your patience. Our team was able to complete their review, so your funds can be released. 

Hi, it has been A WEEK since the beneficiary for the following two campaigns received invitations via email to accept the funds:

The beneficiary is the mother of the young man who passed away in a tragic accident, she does not have the capacity to deal with Gofundme’s issues while also planning a funeral and mourning the loss of her son. The invitations for both campaigns take her to a page with a red banner that says "We need more information before we can send your funds…”.  However, there is NO information on what documents she needs to upload or where to upload. She also has NOT received any emails about document verification from Gofundme. Gofundme needs to resolve this ASAP. This is causing so much unnecessary stress on the mother who just lost her son.

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Hey @Fatima Mojaddidy I’m sorry to hear of any stress this has caused. Luckily, I do see that it’s been resolved this morning.  


Our payment processors do sometimes require extra information from the person withdrawing just to ensure everything is safe and secure with the transfers. For more information on what they may request, check out this help center article here - 

Thank you for responding. Yes we are aware that as of this morning the hold was removed. However, GoFundMe really needs to work on the messaging and put up a banner with wording that actually makes sense. No other information was requested from the beneficiary, it was just GoFundMe putting up an inaccurate message while they process and approve things.

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Thanks for sharing this @Fatima Mojaddidy I’ll be sure to bubble this up to our team to alert them to the confusing messaging. 

This is also happening to me no email and everytime I click the red banner it brings me back to the same page with the form for support yet it says not to keep submitting them cause they will take longer I don't know what to do I'm trying to get my funds for a cremation 

We’re having a similar issue.  The beneficiary was receiving funds from November 2021 - February 2022.  She has not received any funds since then, nor has she been contacted by GoFundMe to indicate there was an issue.  Just today we’re being notified that donations are being returned.  When she logs in, it says there’s an issue with her bank information; however, the bank information never changed and she was receiving the funds just fine for months.  When she tries to updates the bank information, she is just redirected to the same page over and over and isn’t allowed to update.  No one is available on chat support, and we’re concerned more donations will be returned because of the delay in assistance.

I'm sorry your having the same issues and seems quite strange that you were receiving payments and all of a sudden nothing I haven't even been able to transfer out of my GoFundMe at all and everything was ok then it said it's on hold and I don't know what I am supposed to do I've uploaded all my info sent a request for help no one has replied to me and I am trying to get my boyfriend's body cremated before I have his service next week and without this money I can't do anything and it's just frustrating 

I'm so sorry you're going through that! That's horrifying!

I will let you know if/when I get any resolution to see if it will help you, too. 


Sending love. 

@Keely Brennan thank you for the support and I'll do the same if I get any help with my issue I'll let you know 

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Hey @Shelain Sargent I’m seeing that your fundraiser’s review has been completed and your withdrawals have been set up.Thanks for explaining in detail what you saw in your account, so we can work on improving that flow for customers. 


@Keely Brennan My apologies for the confusing experience as well. The Care team will be reaching out to you soon to assist you with your account! You’ll hear from them through your email. 

@Jules thank you so much I really appreciate it oh your a life saver

Hi there, 

I’m having an issue with my account as well. My daughter made the gofund for a internet bill that we can afford due to the companies mistake. I’m her mother & she's more tech savvy than me & I have cancer as well so I put her to make the go fund me, but i put all the important info such as bank and verification under me, yesterday I saw that we had a 500.00 in donations that were still being processed. When I checked later in the day it went to $0.00 but the total raise was was near $600. I don’t understand why is that happening. I also get a “campaign alert” stating that the campaign is under review and all transfers in hold. It also states that they sent an email about the details but I never received anything from gofund me themselves I even checked the spam/junk folder and nothing was there. I have received emails about other transactions being transferee my bank. There’s also a banner staring “We need more information before we can send your funds.” Went to the help center and filled out a form saying it will take 2 days to get back to email. Can anyone please help? Thank you and god bless everyone.

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Hey @Madeline D I spoke with my team and it looks like your issue has been resolved. The $0 that you see is a display error which is a glitch we’re seeing across several accounts on our site. Other than that, you can expect your funds to go out at the designated frequency that you selected. 😀

Hey @Madeline D I spoke with my team and it looks like your issue has been resolved. The $0 that you see is a display error which is a glitch we’re seeing across several accounts on our site. Other than that, you can expect your funds to go out at the designated frequency that you selected. 😀

Hello again, it says the same message  “campaign alert” stating that the campaign is under review and all transfers are on hold. It states once again that they sent an email about the details but I never received anything from gofund me.

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@Madeline D thanks for following up. I escalated this to our support team to get you situated. Thanks so much for your patience in the meantime. 

I am also having this issue and I honestly don’t even know where to begin or what I’m supposed to do 

Please help 

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