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  • 3 November 2021
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How do I share my story on the LGBTQIA’s community page ? 


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Hi @Maya Williams just to be sure, are you talking about this page? 


Yes how do I share my story with the LGBTQIA Community? I need to share my go fundme for legal fees so we can legally be on our babies birth certificate and leave the hospital with him in March, this was completely unexpected especially when I’ve been out of work for two months with Covid in the money we had saved had to go towards the current bills…. I’m so stressed and worried !!! ANY HELP WOULD BE GREAT! Thank You 


How is everyone doing today???




Figured out how this app works now. How about yourself?

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Hi @Maya Williams that LGBTQ page might be full right now, but I’ll pass along the request to the team. I believe it does cycle through fundraisers that match certain criteria, so yours may be a good fit!

One thing that I might suggest though is to check out some LGBTQ focused Facebook groups. There’s a number of good ones out there for the lesbian community, as well as more broadly. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend directly sharing your GoFundMe in those groups (they may consider this spam and kick you out), but it can be helpful for building a support network of people who have experienced similar situations. Some groups may be okay with you making a post looking for moral support with the situation, and then sharing the link in the comments if people ask how they can help.

@Crystal Greenamyer – likewise, there’s a number of great Facebook groups for LGBTQ parents, some of which have great resources and ideas about dealing with custody issues. My advice personally – take a minute and let yourself breathe. Your baby is yours, and though it’s a frustrating process, I believe you’ll get through what it takes to make sure that’s the case on paper too. You’re not alone, and there’s other same-sex parents who can help coach you through this process. I’d recommend trying to connect with some who have been in this situation. 

Thank You 

Thank You for all the help !! 

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