Need assisted with bank transfers

  • 1 August 2022
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So I raised 172.00. I was notified this weekend that that first donation around $25 was being sent to my bank.  But I have had no such notification yet the rest of the donations have been sent to bank. 


Says my donations have been processed. 

Amount raised 165.00

Bank transfers 'none scheduled yet,


My balance is 0


I am checked in to receiving daily BT


So  can any kind person explain what the hold up is? 

8 replies

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Hey @Andy I checked and all the funds are on the way! You should see the rest within the next couple of days. Thanks for your patience in the meantime. 

@Jules Hello Jules , 


I got a donation of 300.00 a few hoursago it shows up on my main fundrasier page but when i go to bank tranfser it says 0.00, it doesnt even say pending like i have seen it say in the past? I need help whats going on? Ive had my fundraiser for my daughter for over 14 months never had a problem now this is saying 0.00 instead of 300.00 that was donated? Please HELP. I see you been very helpful with others

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Great question @Bailey Bailey - It looks like it’s under your current balance now, so it must have processed quick! Different donations process at different speeds. Once it’s sent, you can find that information under your Activity tab under your Bank transfers tab. 

@Jules hello Jules thanks for fast reply im confused what do u mean  it looks like it’s under my current balance and that it processed quick? It still says 0 on the page of bank transfer. After I wrote u I did email someone from GoFundMe (they said they don’t have a support email but I think I did it through the chat box and that’s how they emailed me) they said it takes 1-4 days to process then it will show up. It still says 0.00 so I guess like u said the process times vary ? I’m just fcondused by the first things u said ? 

@Jules another thing I just looked at my activity and it says it’s been deposited but in my account there’s nothing there I’m very confused now. My bank account I always used is Varo and it work every time is there a delay now I’m more confused then before. 

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Hey @Bailey Bailey Since this is a public forum, I can’t go into the specifics of your account. I can say that funds pass through the following states to reach the bank account of the person who’s withdrawing: 

  • Processing donations: After someone gives and it takes some time before their donation is ready for transfer

  • Donations scheduled to transfer: Once a donation is ready, it gets scheduled at the frequency you selected while setting up your transfers, for example daily, weekly, or monthly. That’s what your current balance indicates. 

  • Donations currently transferring (find it under your activity tab): It takes funds 2-5 business days to reach your bank account. This date won’t show the time it’s deposited. It will tell you the day it’s sent. You should receive your money 2-5 days after that point. 

I hope this helps to clarify. For specifics about your account, please continue to speak with our Care team. 

I have no idea how to get around god fund me either. I’m just feeling around in the dark lol

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Hey @Keisha Johnson it can be confusing if you’re new to it, but don’t worry, I can show you around. What are you trying to do within your account? 

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