PayPal not working on my GoFundMe page

  • 15 September 2022
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I just started sending out my page to my friends and family to start seeding donations before i go live. I am being told that when they click on Paypal the window pops up and then the pop up window goes away and nothing happens.  This started happening when i attached my personal bank account that does not have a paypal account attached.    

Do I need to have a paypal attached to the bank account I am using to gather funds? My paypal account is associated with my business and so is the email used on my facebook page.

I need people to make donations using paypal.  There was no documentation telling me that the paypal on my page is my paypal. 


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Thanks for bringing this to our attention @Eric Beser. I was not able to recreate the error, so please let me know if you’re still getting reports that it’s happening. If it is still happening, can you find out what device, operating system, and browser the person is using? Example of that would be like, a mobile phone, on iOS (Apple), through Safari. No worries if you can’t, but it helps us narrow down the possibilities if we have that information. 


 In general, donors should be able to give to your campaign through their own PayPal account if your fundraiser presents that option. You adding a bank account shouldn’t prevent them from being able to do that. 

It was also brought to my attention today, I am going to some research about go fund me & paypal

I had no idea that PayPal was involved or needed for this platform very interesting though I am very happy that GoFundMe gives different avenues to donate this way.  It really helps for those that have limited ways of accessing their funds and distributing them any way that they desire.  Bravo to this wonderful platform and the good it does for so many folks around the world. 

Best Regards To All

Timothy F Phillips

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@The Oct About Studios   Welcome! We’re glad to have you here.

 PayPal is one of our many avenues for people to donate. Our team is working to provide more options to people so that no one is left out from contributing just because it’s inaccessible to them. 

hi, i started a gofundme not too long ago, bout a month and i actively post it EVERYWHERE but am not getting very far… i was thinking though.  i know alot of people that do not have paypal dont have access to their bank or credit info at all times and sometimes just want to go with what they know.  i know MANY people that are cashapp users, venmo, zelle, moneylion, etc.  i think that if those were options to link to the gofundme as well, that may possibly make it more accessible?  Or some way for things like, my issue is my ill dog being treate at a low cost clinic and the clinic will take donations over the phone but some wont.  and alot of people arre just so weary of people opening gofundmes for self benefit.  so what about doing something like say:

ok, if the gofundme is for a dog treated at banfield, then you select donate straight to banfield.  gofundme has already verified that they will be the one cashing a cashiers check straight to banfield.(bc banfield does not take call ins, they only take it after the dog has been put in for treatment and they dont do payment plans.  but i bet if you guys arranged it by verifying with banfield that theyll accept a check from you all, then it says for sure that anyone that has selected the option to pay straight to the clinic the money will be payed out to banfield).

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 I love how you’re thinking @Heidi Lambert. I’ll definitely bubble this concept up to our team to think about. For now, we wrote an article that describes how to build donor trust that I recommend reading through. For example, one way to do that is to explain the breakdown of your goal total in your story. Check out the other options here. 

If anyone else has ideas for building trust with suspicious donors, please share them in this thread! 

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