Scam —Gina and Patrick Shields

  • 11 September 2022
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So I saw on that another person was in communication with Gina and Patrick Shields. They changed their outreach to Twitter offering the same type of help. Willing to send all the money to cover expenses and even said they stopped using go fund me but if I will pay for the wire transfer they will send all the money. I asked them to send the money directly to the hospital.  I’m certain. I will never here back.

7 replies

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Hey @Hoddy Lawrence It’s wise to be careful when promoting your fundraiser to people who you don’t know personally. I recommend checking out our guidelines on how to stay safe while fundraising with GoFundMe. 

Thank you. 

yes i had the same experiance ...pretty sure it is a scammer....along with another one i had

Yep same thing with Gina and Patrick, and now they are on Twitter. 

Wonder if they can be reported on Twiiter

Just had the same experience. I hate getting my hopes up

Good morning. I've been contacted on Twitter by this Gina and Patrick about donating the rest of the money but I have to go through PayPal and pay a transfer fee. I figured it was a scam. There are 2 others also. A Matilda  and Harry Peterson. Be careful 

Sad to say that they got me I just lost 37 bucks Its a real shame that ppl do this argh

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