• 28 October 2022
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I notice that GoFundMe asks for a tip and it is mandatory. This has turned off some people who were going to donate.  Is there a way to remove that?

Above the payment section, there is a tip request that is set to 1.5%.  You can move the slide bar all the way to the left and it will show 0%.  This eliminates the tip, otherwise people think that the tip is mandatory.  I had someone who was turned off from making a donation because they thought the tip was mandatory.  I also thought it was mandatory until I found the slide bar.  If someone doesn’t see the slide bar the tip will come right out of your donation in addition to the regular fees charged by GoFundMe.

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Hi @Arthur Martini welcome. Tipping GoFundMe is never mandatory, sorry for any confusion your donors may have had about this. 


You can read more about our pricing structure here https://www.gofundme.com/c/pricing 

Our pricing page talks about how:

“It’s important to us that everyone is able to get the help they need—which is why we don’t charge a fee to start a fundraiser. Instead, we accept optional contributions from donors that are always appreciated, but never required. Donor contributions help make it possible for us to offer powerful and trusted fundraising tools, customer support, and a global team of Trust & Safety experts.”


And this Help Center article talks through how to remove the tip if desired. https://support.gofundme.com/hc/en-us/articles/360051144952-Choosing-a-tip-amount 


Hope this is helpful, and you can always let your donors know in your fundraising story that tipping isn’t required, if you think that might help them feel more comfortable. If a donor accidentally tips without meaning to, they can also ask for a refund of that tip by contacting our team via our Help Center

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