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  • 18 September 2022
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Every time I try to set up a link to put on social media, it never shows up.  Plus, I get a different link every time.  How do I know which link to use and how do I get it posted to my social media page?

Thank you for your assistance.

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Hey @Vondalyn Carter GoFundMe has a long link you can use and a shortened link to make it easier to share. 

Here’s an example of a long link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/gerald-carter-fund 

Here’s an example of a short link: https://gofund.me/ecfeda45 

Both will bring the person who clicked it to your page.

You can post it to your social media a couple of ways. 

  1. You can copy your link and paste it directly to your social media post
  2. You can share directly from your GoFundMe fundraiser page by clicking “Share” and choosing one of the options
  3. You can sign into your GoFundMe account, choose “Manage” on your fundraiser, and then click “Share” for options there. 

When you click “Share” and then choose one of the social media options, you should have a pop up that allows you to sign into the account you selected. Some computers have settings that block this, so you’ll want to make sure your pop ups are enabled. 


I hope this helps! If you continue to have trouble sharing, please click “Get help” on our help center to contact our team. As a heads up, you’ll briefly have to talk to our robot ray beforehand. 

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