Where is the rest of my money?

  • 16 September 2022
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Hi my donations are getting ripped off ! I had 855.00 and I only got 265😡why is that ! And before also I got 298 and only got 115? I

need the money to pay my doctor ! And I’m not getting very much from you guys ! Once I add my account that’s when everything went down… you guys keep the most of my money it’s not fair!!! I’m not happy with the way you guys work!


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Thanks for reaching out @Luciana Cicora. I’m sorry for any confusion and I’m happy to clarify. 

Looking at your account, I see that you have funds waiting to be sent. Currently the deposit frequency is set to monthly, which means that funds will only transfer on the first of the month. To make this change, you can follow the directions found in this help center article.  I’m also happy to help take care of this on my end if you’d like some extra assistance. 

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