why didn't my story show on Facebook?

  • 31 December 2021
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I've added mom's photo, created my story, I've completed everything to apply a memorial fund.But my story didn't go through it displayed nothing. I've been truly afraid of FB. Now, Because of trying to set up a GoFundMe account for my mom, I feel I set myself up again for FB hackers. My story I can't even find now. Please help. 

1 reply

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@Lisa Tatum I see your fundraiser is live. I recommend checking out your profile on Facebook to see if it posted. The Facebook NewsFeed won’t necessarily show you the post you created, so if you’re not seeing it there, that’s not because you didn’t successfully share it.  


If you don’t see your GoFundMe on your Facebook Timeline, I would try posting it one more time.  From my experience, you shouldn’t have to fret about Facebook hackers, unless you signed in from a public device and never signed out. If you’ve been logging in from home, it’s likely that your account is secure. 

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