Any success stories and how much did you raise in how long?

  • 25 July 2022
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This is my first time and I hate asking for help but We might end up homeless if not so I swallowed my pride for my family! Does this work? Any success stories and how much did you raise in how long?

5 replies

I have not raise any money yet . 

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Great question @Jeff Covey Maybe some of our other members can help. I see that @Brian Parker raised some funds - Brian do you have anything you could share with Jeff to speak to his topic? Any words of wisdom or things you learned along the way?


@Mark L I see you’re still fundraising, but could you share how you got your first 28 donations with @April Ingram and Jeff here? 



The main way so far for my fundraiser to get donations is contacts that I have helped in some way, such as input that helped them in the past. In particular two businesses that appreciated my help.


I am now trying to continue through tweets on Twitter. So far, not as good on results. But I have not given up and I can’t afford to give up.

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You’ve done a great job so far @Mark L. Have you ever gotten together with a couple of close friends to discuss a sharing strategy? Getting people in person is a good way to enlist your friends as team members so they can help push your page out further. For more information on team campaigns, check out this post here:


I also recommend checking out Instagram as an option for getting your story in front of a lot of people. Instagram uses Reels, which is their version of TikTok. Because Instagram is competing for marketshare, they’re promoting videos broadly in order to attract creators. For example, I made a Reel for an Instagram account I run and it garnered over 8 thousand views. The video only took me about 20 minutes to make! 

One tip I recommend is to reuse that video other places. For example, you can take your Reel and share it via text message, email, or other social media platforms. 

I just started on Instagram. So, I will look at your tips and work on implementing them. Thank you! 😊

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