Does anyone have trouble getting the first few donations?

  • 21 April 2022
  • 2 replies

I’m having some difficulty finding answers to this question, what are your guys’ input? 

2 replies

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Hey @Emma DeMello  I definitely think the first couple can be the most difficult, since it can be intimidating to be the first donation to a fundraiser. People are often more influenced by a crowd of people, especially if they recognize names of other donors. This is why we usually recommend talking to a close friend or two in person to help get your fundraiser up and running. 

I am having a difficult time myself receiving the first donations. I’m not only looking for funds but all types of gifts that truckers can use to keep healthy and safe at same time. They help this world move. And we have completely forgotten about them and how many got sick but had to keep going. Always alone so most quarantine in trucks no one even know. Or even think about. Truckers are our life line. If I could just get in touch with red cross for supplies it would be great.

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