How to raise your first donations

How to raise your first donations
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Short term goals can motivate you through the fundraising process. A good starting point is to focus on raising your first three donations. Here’s some tactics that can help:

Choose 2-3 people to reach out to first

Think about the people in your life who you’re closest to and give them a heads up about your fundraiser before launching to the wider public. The best people to start with are usually family members, best friends, or someone you work closely with. 

Choose the best sharing method

Where do you normally talk to this person? Do you spend most of your time communicating through email, text message, social media, the phone, or face to face? Try to reach out to them in a way that’s typical for your relationship. 

Include a personal message with your fundraiser link

It’s a good idea to pair your fundraiser link with a message that encourages them to check out your fundraiser. Below we’ve included some strategies that you can try:

  • Ask for feedback: Involve your friends by asking them to help you finalize your story.  By participating in the creation of your campaign, they’ll feel more connected to the success of your fundraiser.  Don’t forget to ask them to contribute after you’ve finished it. The first donations are usually the most important because they help build momentum on your campaign. 
  • Get specific: It helps to show how much a donation will positively improve your life.  For example, if you’re fundraising for bills, you might say something like, a $60 donation will help us pay for half of our electric bill. Breaking down what you’re fundraising for into smaller bite size pieces can help donors feel like they’re making an impact.
  • Give Options: Everybody’s financial situation is different. Let your friends know that sharing your fundraiser with their network can also make a big difference. If your friends have a small network, you can also request resources, tips, or connections. For example, if you need home repairs, maybe someone knows a contractor who does reasonably priced work. 
  • Show gratitude: Part of why people give back is because it feels good. When asking for money, it’s important to let them know how much their support means to you in your message.  


We’d love to hear from you. What message did you send to your closest relationships when promoting your fundraiser?  Do you have any wording that you can share with the community? 


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very helpful info! And ideas! Thanks so much! I will implement them and post how it works out

Great advice! Thanks!

Helpful advice! Hope someone donates soon

Thanks 🙏🏻 


It's very hard for me to ask for money. I'm always giving to others . Never in my wildest dreams would have thought that I would be in the receiving end. So, I appreciate the advice. Sincerely thank you.


So I would contact family and freinds and then they would share your go fund me and then you could tweet your freinds could reach that way out 

I heard this didn't work for every one but might help for you.

Yes, very encouraging  when all of us need it

Very helpful advice if I had people In my life that cared to help 🙏. My fundraiser is to help me with college and I still have not gotten any donations

Good advice. I see gofundme all the time. I’m a big Facebook user and created my Gofundme this morning because my family is just struggling during this time to manage our bills and stay afloat and sharing for-sure has helped. I haven’t got a lot but anything is a blessing. 

Fund  raising tips when you dont have a broad audience??


I think what you wrote is something I find myself having trouble with, As I’m not a big social media person. And lack the ways of convincing people to support me.

I’m lost I don’t know what I’m doing trying to figure it out .. lol 

I think what you wrote is something I find myself having trouble with, As I’m not a big social media person. And lack the ways of convincing people to support me.

@Shakayla Brown completely understandable. It’s hard, and frustrating for sure. I’m still navigating the ropes but social media truly helps. Another option is asking a close friend or family member that is savvy to share your link on their account or even a community page that gets a lot of traffic. 

I hope this helps, really in need of some help right now. Thank you for the tips!

I just started my own campaign " Staying on Track" so far two days no help I still and actively keep every human on this earth good prayers I think about how I want too help others after I'm out of my little bit of turmoil as I have been up good financial and down financially and rather you believe in God or not I feel it has all been a part of my spiritual journey . I was discouraged wondering how some reach their target for situations like mine within the first two days but the Go Fund Me app does encourage me too share share share and that's helpful hopefully 

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