How to write a fundraising story

  • 27 October 2021
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How to write a fundraising story
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There’s multiple reasons people come to GoFundMe, but there are general writing tips anyone can benefit from, no matter what someone is raising money for.

We’ve found that donations usually come from the folks you know, so we recommend writing a story with them in mind. Make sure it’s descriptive and includes the following elements: 

  • A short introduction about who you are and what you’re raising money for 
  • Your relation to the beneficiary of the fundraiser (if it's not yourself) 
  • How the money raised will be spent (be as specific as possible). 
  • Why this cause means so much to you 
  • Pictures to break up the text

And, remember to...

  1. Start by creating a title that makes your cause clear. A simple, creative title can go a long way and compel people to go further and read your story.
  2. Be detailed, but don’t overdo it. Keep the timeline of events in order and make your point clear. Be sure to add why exactly you need donations. 
  3. Show emotion, and explain how some support would mean the world to you and those involved in your cause. Think of yourself as the reader and ask, “Why should someone care about this?” 
  4. Keep the paragraphs short and easy to understand. You might want to consider adding "bolded" headlines to each paragraph – something like "Our Story," or "How you can Help," because this ensures donors know exactly where to look if they're strapped for time but want to help.  Check out this fundraiser for some additional inspiration.

If you have trouble writing your story, you can ask the community for feedback in the Swap feedback room. Even if you’re not a professional writer, you can give back by reading some of the other stories and sharing your perspective. For more tips, check out this comprehensive guide on storytelling. 


What are your best tips for writing a fundraising story? What part did you struggle with?


12 replies

I feel like i need to describe the details that lead up to the reason I need help. But it's just simply to long to fit into the letter count. How do I simplify but still tell my story

I've had my account for a month and no progress. Can anyone advise me of what I am doing wrong. I need help pay my  child custody attorney for the return of my 5 kids being held illegally by a family member. My health is not up to part due to cardiomyopathy. I'm stressed and don't know what I'm doing I need help anybody somebody plz..... 

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@Shade Augustine I would suggest including a bit more detail in your story, and explaining how you came to that goal amount, along with how exactly the donations will be spent. Incorporating some emotion and a few more photos could also add a personal element to your fundraiser supporters may relate to. Have you shared it with your network yet? Spreading the word about your fundraiser and getting it seen for others to share as well is really important, and should help bring in some support. 

Hello I am new and really never had to do this type of situation I just say thanks if anyone can help also I appreciate any advice.. I'm my mother only son. 

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Hi @Orelius Washington, welcome! I would recommend adding some more detail to your story. You can learn more here: 

Also, adding a more personal main image may be more compelling to potential donors: 

 Finally, adding a more descriptive title is important because it’s the first thing your donors will see: 


Thanks lot once I get off work I will make the proper corrections.. thanks everyone I'm learning.  

I am new to.go fund me. I want to know how to write an effective and powerful that will draw donors to my cause. I.know my target audience are those who have the same passion for the cause.

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I struggled with keeping the timeline together. I still am figuring out how it all works! Pictures are nice 

@Melissa Keener , I am in the same dilemma as you. I tend to be over detailed and I've said this before. I have so much information that I want to put in and I don't know how to summarize it without leaving out important details. I struggled too with the space that I had to put something in and had to keep changing it to fit the 50 characters. And I'm not seeing much or getting many reactions or many donations that will get me to the point that I need to meet my goal. I look at other fundraisers and I see how large their donations are and even some that are requesting huge amounts of donations and getting it and wonder "how in the heck are they getting it?" Were you able to find any help with yours? All responses appreciated. Please see my GoFundMe and let me know where I need help with this at. Thanks to all

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Hey @Pamela Willis you’ve done a great job crafting your story - it’s clear what you need donations for without it being too long. Where have you shared the fundraiser so far, and who with? Do you have a couple friends or family members you can ask to help share your page to get the word out?

Remember that asking your donors to help share is just as important as asking for donations - the further your fundraiser is shared, the higher the chances are of more support coming in.  

Hello! I just posted a GoFundMe today to help pay for college expenses and I feel embarrassed. I have trouble asking for any help because I don’t want to burden anyone. I don’t really have a way of sharing this online and I want to post fliers and QR codes around but I just feel so ashamed. I don’t even know if my story sounds ok either? Is there any advice for this? 

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@Cassidy Wheeler You did a great job with your story. The only thing I might add is to talk about is what this dream of being a vet means to you, and what you hope to do with that education.  In regards to promotion, start with people you know in your life. This means your friends, family, classmates, coworkers, etcetera. You can reach out to them through text messages, email, or even a handwritten note! Social media is helpful for getting the word out to people outside of your network, but it’s not the only option. For more ideas, check out this post below:


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