It's hard trying to get views on your fundraiser

  • 20 July 2022
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Not sure what exactly I can do to raise my views I’m so confused of this whole process and been trying everything they said to try asking family and so called friends is no help they won’t even share it to there pages 🤦🏽‍♀️😩

3 replies

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Hey @Gabrielle Brown I’m sorry for the difficulty with fundraising. It can definitely be hard if your network is not in a position to give. A lot of people are facing challenging times right now. 

So I can better understand what you’ve tried, can you go into detail about the following: 

  • In what ways did you share (social media, text message, email, phone call)? 
  • Did you use any specific share messaging?
  • How many people did you share with?
  • How often have you shared?
  • Have you asked any of your friends for feedback on your fundraiser?



How do I get my fundraiser on front page of the community forum?

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Hey @Angelique Butler the Community Forum is not for raising money as much as it is for exchanging ideas and feedback, stories, and experiences. May I ask your purpose for sharing your fundraiser on the front page of the community forum, so I can better understand what you’re trying to do? 

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