My amazing grandmother is sick

  • 9 November 2021
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My name is devon, i’m 19 years old and i’m having a lot going on right now and it’s just so hard. I’ve been in foster homes and stuff my whole life basically and my grandma is the only person that’s ever been there for me that cared for me. irdk what i would do without her. she’s in a lot of pain right now and i just want to do everything i can to help her as much as i can. she has almost all the money for the bills when she gets out of the hospital she only needs $800 more but i requested $1000 just to be safe and she’ll have a little extra for medication when she gets out of the hospital. I’m struggling this morning as I sit here in this hospital room thinking about it all. Teresa has had 10 surgeries, 3 Strokes and a heart attack over her time. The only way that she is still here is with Gods hand that is on her. I’ve never saw a person with as much faith and trust in the lord as her. I’m praying now for God to give me some of that same faith. I thought that I was pretty strong but I have proved this evening that I’m pretty weak. I’m needing to be strong for her. Teresa’s needs bypass surgery. It cannot be done. Her arteries are too diseased. She has multiple issues going on in her body. As of now her heart is pumping at 30%. Her kidneys are functioning at 20% at the moment. A team of 5 cardiologist told me things yesterday that I don’t want to accept. I know deep down that I trust the lord but I’m struggling this time with just turning it all over to him. I’m having doubts in my faith. My weakness is an embarrassment to me and to my lord. My church and my wonderful co-workers thank you for being there for us. Please keep us especially Teresa in your prayers. God bless my friends. Love you❤️  Thank you all for all the support i’ve been getting in my text it really helps me stay strong❤️ I’m just scared and i need her in my life as long as i can keep her. Please pray for her please.

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I’m sorry to hear about what you’re going through, @DevonWalker1 

The best way to get your fundraiser out there is to write up a statement to ask your friends and family to donate to your fundraiser and then share it with your network. 

Here’s an example of something you can say. 

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