My cat needs lots of medical attention

  • 10 January 2022
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I'm trying to get all help and support I can get for my emotional support animal, I'm a disabled vet and I'm running into the worst case scenario I have ever ran into. My cat is needing lots of medical attention and if I can't get help then I'm going to end up losing him one way or another an he's my soul reason for living.

4 replies

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Hey @Louis Winefeldt it looks like you’re on your way! I see that you’ve gotten your first couple of donations.


I checked out your fundraiser and I noticed that your goal is a bit higher than what you’re raising money for. I recommend lowering it to the actual cost of the medical procedure. Larger goals can be intimidating to donors, since it can make an average donation seem like a drop in the bucket. You can always raise your goal later on, should you still feel it necessary.


Next, I would focus on asking your friends to help you spread the word to help you raise more money. For ideas on how to approach people, check out this article. 







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I have already done everything you considered, my goal is high bc I'm planning for future payments that will arise. And honestly more then half the posts I've seen are easily 4xs the amount I have for the exact same reason, medical expenses. I'm honestly getting tired of everyone thinking my goal is too high or that I wont need as much money to take care of my cats needs. If it were your animal could you say you'd do the same thing? I think not so everyone needs to quit patronizing me over this and just help me support my cat thru his recovery.

I too have the same problem I started a fundraiser for my father's final expenses. He passed away in a fatal car accident. I did the withdrawal side of it wrong. So I won't receive the 115 $ that was donated. I just started another one and it's for a vehicle because I walk 18 miles to work and 18 miles home plus work a 9-5 work schedule. It's extremely cold outside. I've shared in Facebook sites and all I got was name calling and people telling me that my dad's death was all faked and that really hurts. I didn't know people could be so cruel. I thought in a time of need people would be more polite and helpful. Maybe I will get help maybe not but I really hope I do. 

                  Sincerely William warner


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Hey @Louis Winefeldt I wanted to clarify that your goal is not necessarily too high, but that it may be worth lowering it at the beginning of the fundraiser. You can always raise your goal on GoFundMe as the fundraiser goes on, and it gives you an excellent opportunity to post an updates about it when you do. 

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