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  • 1 August 2022
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Super confused can anyone help me navigate this page. I set up a go fund me to help afford ivf & im just so confused on how this works. I don’t want to share on my Facebook because my family is very unsupportive is there a way to share it through the GoFundMe community?

2 replies

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@Cheyenne Leigh welcome! Are you confused about how GoFundMe works in general? This article might help:

We also have some posts with ideas on how to share outside of social media to get support:

* How to get noticed without social media

* How do I get donations if I don’t know anyone?

Lastly, the GoFundMe community is mostly made of GoFundMe organizers, and all our members are trying to raise money for their own fundraisers. So, we ask that you avoid making posts asking for donations or fundraiser shares here.


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