Survivor of Domestic abuse

  • 27 June 2022
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I’m having a hard time getting the word out about my situation. I’m a survivor of domestic abuse and sexual and physical abuse by my partner of 10 years and we are trying to get out so I started a go fund me so I could start over since he has been withdrawing and withholding money from you for years. I just don’t know how to promote and not feel guilty when I feel like people don’t look at domestic violence as seriously as it is. Thank you all for reading.

5 replies

@Leah Ludwig 

Have you searched online for a place in your local town? There is usually an organization nearby that can support you and your kids. I can help you done something if you send me a message.

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@Leah Ludwig  I’m so sorry for what you’ve been through. Raising funds to get help is still possible, and you might also find these similar posts in the community helpful:


@Leah Ludwig  I am in the same situation. I tried a go fund me just to raise money so I could relocate out of state. NO ONE donated. I did manage to leave but then fell for the I’ll change, get help, do better. needless to say NONE of it happened. Now I am back to square one. People think it’s easy and it isn’t. I don’t have people I know that have money to donate, and I’m not one for reaching out “begging” for help. It seemed like people were more willing to help and donate for a pet having surgery than someone trying to get out of a bad situation. If anyone has any tips for making a GoFundMe that will work please let me know, I truly feel like I am drowning and this is just where I am stuck.



Im in the same situation. I was just lucky I had a friend to get me out of my situation. I just can't afford the medical bills and pay for the appointments so i can get my nose and spinal fractures taken care of. Asked my family for help but they only put me down. Now Im trying to do this myself without help and i feel as if im sinking to the bottom. I find myself talking to this man that has just about taken my life. Scared im going to return to this man and he's going to just end my life. How do I move on from someone I love whole hearted and know for sure he cares nothing about me...

I am in the same boat as far as getting donations.  I have sent to everyone I know and posted on FB while I have gotten some donations, we still need more.  I am not sure how to get this out there more.  I wish there was a place on line where we can post our fundraiser for people everywhere to just see it.

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