What is team member I see indent my name as the main person?

  • 5 August 2022
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I see that one of my friends somehow joined as a team member. How did they do that and what does that exactly mean?


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@Ashton Anderson you need to invite someone in order for them to be added as a team member on your fundraiser.

A team member is included to help you raise funds for a cause. Each team member is able to share the fundraiser, post updates, and thank donors in their own name. Team members won’t have access to donations and won’t be able to edit the fundraiser, but the fundraiser organizer can manage this on their end.

If you don’t want your friend to be a team member, you can learn how to manage that feature here: 

Do I need to contact my bank before I continue this?

Help me with this-- to tell my friends so they can contribute for my needs. Thank you Roger and Sandy

I haven’t had any friends notified yet.

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@Sandy Chartrand can you help me understand what you need help with? Are you confused about how to add team members to your fundraiser?

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