Fundraiser stalled

  • 21 November 2021
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Hi.  I set up a Gofundme to raise money for my daughter's medical expenses.  We had great momentum at the beginning, but it has stalled.


I publicized on Facebook and Instagram.  I also posted on LinkedIn and NextDoor.  I emailed everyone I could think of.

How do y'all get your fundraisers noticed beyond your circle?  

4 replies

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You may have do something that will draw people outside of your immediate circle to contribute to your page. With the holidays coming up, you could hold some sort of holiday bake sale and ask your friends to invite someone you don’t know to come enjoy cookies and help you fundraise for your cause through donations or sharing. 

Crowdfunding really relies on one’s own personal network, but if you’re willing to host a small event, you might be able to get closer to your goal with additional donations from your loved ones, or donations from people your friends know that haven’t given to your page yet (but may feel more inclined to if they met you in person!). 

We have done all the things suggested, but our fundraiser is still stalled.  Our daughter lives in another city than we do and I have tried so many different things, but still nothing.  She still needs help to live, to pay her medical bills and now to get a prosthesis.  We can only get so much from family and friends.  So we are now stuck as well.  Any ideas will help us greatly.



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@Joan Koch  have you tried to hold an event? Once your network is saturated, you might be able to circle back and reach out to people individually to let them know you still need their help and if they would consider donating a little amount each month until you meet your goal. You can share how much you are putting up to solve your issue, but that you need help making up the difference. 


No, we haven’t had an event.  Not sure husband or daughter would go along with that.  But I will talk to them about it and see if it is something they are willing to do.  Thanks.


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