Fundraising is hard

  • 12 January 2022
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Well we don’t have any real close friends that are willing to help. We most likely have to rely on strangers. Do I have to find five friends to start the fundraising or can stranger on her donate to our cause?

1 reply

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Great question @Donnaly Espinosa. The GoFundMe community is made up of other organizers rather than donors, so it’s not a hub for finding donors, as much as it is one for getting advice on your fundraiser and fundraising techniques.

With personal fundraising, your earliest donations will usually come from your personal network. If your friends aren’t willing to help, I might ask them to hear more about why that is. Perhaps they can help you in other ways, like sharing your fundraiser or supporting you in another way. After you get your first couple of donations, then you can start sharing your fundraiser via flyers around your neighborhood. Strangers are much more comfortable with donating after they’ve seen a couple of donations and comments on the campaign. 




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