Help with get in funds for my father

  • 22 November 2021
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I am struggling with getting help on my go fund me page and Never did anything like this before and don't even know if I did it right  Any advice or guidance would be great thank you .

1 reply

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@Lena Riley I love the slideshow you added to your fundraiser.

I do have a couple of comments that might help make it a bit more engaging. 

 I would start by editing the title to make it a bit easier to read. Maybe say something like, “James Riley’s (Festus) Funeral Services Fundraiser.”

Within your story, I would focus on two things:

  1. Explain how you arrived at the goal that you set.
  2. Talk more about who James is and the people who love him. This will help make your story more engaging to the people who you share it with.

Finally, I would start calling your contact list for anyone who knows James and let them know that you’re preparing for his send off and would like to get money together to make it nice.  You can then share the GoFundMe link with them over the phone, or text it to them. 

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