How do I get noticed without social?

  • 20 November 2021
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Hi I'm new to this and I was really embarrassed to make a GoFundMe because I hate asking for help and feel like a failure as a mother. Anyways I made a fundraiser but don't have anyone close that I can share it with. I don't want people on my social media judging me so I keep my personal life off social media. So how do I get help with getting my fundraiser noticed without social media?

2 replies

I feel the same. I was thinking maybe going through my email and seeing if there's anyone I can email to. But I don't know any other option. Hoping for the best for you ❤️

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@Jessi Gibson I would see if anyone who knows your daughter can help. Even if people aren’t “close,” they may still want to help. I would try to reach out to people through text message or even by calling them.

In addition to this, check out some of our resources for help with paying off bills here -



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