How to boost my GoFundMe?

  • 16 November 2021
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Hello, I’ve made a GoFundMe asking for help with the medical bills my dogs recently diagnosed autoimmune disease (IMHA) how do I reach more than just my online social communities? Or properly post the like in my insta stories? 


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9 replies

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Great questions @Lisa Williams - we have a post on how to spread the word outside of social media that you can check out here: 

Also, here’s a helpful article on how to post a link to your Instagram story: 

To add a Link sticker:

  • Capture or upload content to your story

  • Select the sticker tool from the top navigation bar

  • Tap the “Link” sticker to add your desired link and tap “Done”

  • Place the sticker on your story and tap on the sticker to see color variations 

This was super helpful! Thank you. Hopefully the post can reach more than just my community! 

so i need help but i dont know how to do this or even how to get anyone to contribute i dont have any family i havent had family since i was young mainly thru boys home or on the i dont have no one to share it with.any ideas or thoughts?please help...thank you

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Hi @Todd Sobieski I’m really sorry to hear that. With crowdfunding, donations do tend to come from people you know in your network. If you have a smaller network, the best way to spread the word to people you don't know, is to ask the people you know to share. If that’s not possible either, then I recommend checking out this article that includes some alternative ways to raise money:

Hi, how do I use it if I don't have any kind of social media if any kind?. How do I reach out to people?

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Great question @Wayne Moak - You can use emails, text messages, or phone calls. Social media helps to accelerate your fundraiser online, but just like any fundraiser in the world, you can always share it in person or through hand written note. You just need your fundraiser link to use those other means. 

For example, just today I let someone know to attach their fundraiser link to their dog’s collar so that when people inevitably go to pet the dog during it’s walk, they might have an opener to learn about his story (he needed some dental work that the owner couldn’t afford). 

I’m new to this I’m trying to help a friend who just got diagnosed with covid she has 4 small children in the household. They are having a hard time and need things but the can’t leave the house the mom is really sick how do I get the word out to the community we don’t really know anyone to share it with on social media or anywhere how do I get the go fund me seen? 

I also just joined and I hope your friend gets better! I want to raise money for some different hospitals but I don’t have many people to share it with

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@Maria Serrano I recommend checking out our Covid-19 cause fund to get some inspiration on how other successful fundraiser have been run -


Check out this help center article to learn how you might be able to apply to be placed on the cause page -



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