How to get fundraiser noticed outside of personal network?

  • 4 January 2022
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How do you go about getting a fundraiser noticed outside one’s personal network? I do a lot of Facebook fundraisers helping to raise money for my local animal shelter, where I am a volunteer and kitten foster. I created my own gofundme to help offset some personal expense for a sick pet, but I feel uncomfortable posting on my own page. I posted it yesterday and got a few donations, but I removed it because I felt weird asking for money again from friends and family.

Any suggestions on how to find animal lovers outside of one’s normal social media accounts? Thank you!


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4 replies

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With crowdfunding, most of your funds you raise will come from your personal network.  

That said, you might be able to go to places were animal lovers congregate to try to advertise your page and hand out flyers. This could be a local dog park, or animal shelter, for example. 



My name is Dakoda I’m 21 I’m starting an eco friendly company I have not told a lot of people in my personal connection because I fear of people downing me an telling me I can’t do it so I just wanna surprise those who may not understand! 

I have maintained my business license an my EIN an working on setting up a professional bank account an I’m in contact with a lot of great people on local government side! 

is their any tips with fundraising without the Facebook an personal connections! 

So I started a fundraiser because I need to have a dog I just rescued trained as my new service dpg and the cost is astronomical, and impossible for me to afford being on disability, but having a service dog is life or death for me. I started out really strong and raised quite a bit within the first day, but I have seemed to hit a wall….or reached a plateau. I have reached out to all of my family members and friends. I don’t really do social media at all. I was thinking about creating flyers including all of the link information and a short bio explaining what it is for and I guess contact information…then handing them out to pet stores, coffee shops, posting on announcement boards or even putting them on car windsheilds in parking lots, do you think that can help? I could use any and all suggestions advice anyone has to offer….thank you

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@KBernard35 That would definitely help! I also suggest asking your friends to share your page on your behalf. Check out this article to learn more about how you could approach them. 

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