How to raise your first donations

How to raise your first donations

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I don’t really want people I know listening to my music since it’s so emotionally vulnerable. Anyway I can get the word out to strangers?

How do I go about getting my first donation? It feels that my goal of 500 is small but it seems pretty difficult do you feel that people aren’t taking my reason for needing a donation seriously? My main go for the donation is because like many I cant afford what I need but its to buy a gift for someone in my life so how do I get more attention and support in getting a single donation 

I’m sitting here wondering how this works! Tomorrow I will be going to prison after being raped by a nurse of my life and her having a kid by me. My story is deep but I don’t know how to get it to the masses. I’m a home bound epileptic patient and the court system don’t care, I’m a single father and the court system don’t care, I physically have my son and the court don’t care, I still have to pay 7500 cash to New York State collection unit which is not right. Can I have some advice on putting this out more and can this community help me achieve that I don’t want to go to prison for this....

yes, i feel like my struggle is the same as many people in here are going thru.  everyone is quick to offer help and when it comes down to it no one is there for help.  thats where i need the most help, being able to get my fundraiser out there to those who can help. any tips are welcome. thanks in advance

My family and friends can help me out and I was wondering if there’s any other way I really have a passion for my dreams and I really want them to be realized however money is a factor you have to make money to get money and you have to get money to make money unfortunately that’s the way I was wondering if anybody can give me an advice on how I can make my profile on my story better or any other suggestions would be great thank you

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I don’t have friends and my family is little to none, I’m trying to get my fundraiser off the ground but don’t know where to start. Any help is appreciated 

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I reached oot to my suppose to be friends and they laughed in my face. That really made it more stressful to ask for help.

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Yes that's crazy we think of the one's that will help and don't but that's life I guess help comes from people you don't even know most of the time i had 2 donors 1 friend and 1 family member I guess I only have 2 people in my life that wanna see me win it's very sad and hard when u have zero help but to everyone on here looking for help including myself we will find it God always has our back stay safe and blessed my Bougi people 💓🥰

What do u do when u don't have friends or family that wants the best for you.

None of our friends have helped either. We’re deep in debt, about to lose heat, phone, car, needed internet for my health… Many more bills of course. - The debt started after my grandma’s passing sadly. 
I have epilepsy so I can’t work, drive, cook. My mom can’t do much either because of her arthritis and fibromyalgia. My husband is the only one that can work full time.

I feel as if we will be living on the streets.


It's absolutely heart breaking to think you'll be able to rely on friends and family when you need them most but 90% of them just ignored my posts. Nobody even liked them because they didn't want to be noticed. My mom has leukemia and months to live. This is her last Holliday season and I can't find anyone who can have compassion and invite her to Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. We always have it here, so they just expect us to give them everything. The one year she can't give em a free meal they ghost us. I was looking through her Facebook page and she's got hundreds of people on there and tons of happy birthday posts, but as soon as i let everyone know she was going to die, they keep quiet. Im devastated. My heart is absolutely broken to see this beautiful wonderful woman suffering so badly and nobody is there to comfort her. We all need prayers right now. Stay strong and do the best you can. Ultimately all we have is ourselves in the end. 💔✊

Same thing happened to us. It kills me cause the same people who ignore us now where talking about shopping, and vacations. I'm repulsed by my friends and family now. 

Unfortunately none of my so called friends accept one have helped. I'd like to know how to get my message out to the community.Is this possible?? Please help time is important.

Yes me also. My husband is dying and I can't even raise 1 red cent for him. I don't really have any friends or family to count on.

Ive gone out of my way to reach out to people with no success. This is hard because im always the one that helps and no one wants to do the same. I dont know what to do with me and my boys

Hi, my name is Jamie and I'm new to the community. Any advice on how to get my fundraiser shared besides friends and family on social media. I've shared and discussed with friends and family on social media and nobody has donated or shared. Any tips or advice is welcome. Thank you

Thank you to much for the advice!

Hello everybody I’m here cause i have a question? How do i get my Gofundme out to the people in my community cause i posted 2 of my Gofundme on my facebook,instagram and no one donated at all…. I lost my job due to COVID and i got hurt at my job, I tore my rotator cuff in my left shoulder, i have my 12 year old daughter that lives with me and i’m just trying to keep a roof over her head and food and it’s hard, i went from getting unemployment to nothing they cut that off, so i’m just a single struggling mom with no help from family at all and that’s sad…..

I’ve tried to get funding from family and friends but no luck … I’m new to Maryland and i recently had a baby who is now 7 months….Due to covid and my csection I had to stay home outta work for a long time now I owe a lot in rent and bills and I’m scared to be homeless with such a young baby 

I just signed up with Facebook again, to see if I get any help with my donations. We don't have any friends or relatives for support. Sending emails and friends requests is all I can suggest for those who need it.

so i need help but i dont know how to do this or even how to get anyone to contribute i dont have any family i havent had family since i was young mainly thru boys home or on the i dont have no one to share it with.any ideas or thoughts?please help...thank you

Hello I am a single mother with no help how do I get help, I'm lost on what to do my own mother is evicting us I literally have a week to find a shelter as of now all the shelter are full I'm feeling so defeated please lmk what I could do

I wish I knew what to do to be able to get some donations for my grandpas companion dog who needs medical attention :(  I have shared on Facebook and have no luck. Is there a way to get out to people on this platform? kind of like a highlight?

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@Todd Sobieski and @Frank Tellez It can be tricky to crowdfund with a smaller network, but sometimes folks will overlook their contacts. For example, do you know anyone from school, a gym, a church, or a club? People you’ve had a relationship with someone, they may be worth contacting. Relationships are essential to getting a fundraiser off the ground usually, because they help to seed the campaign with your first couple of donations. 

Once you’ve raised some money, it’s easier to raise money from people who might be weaker contacts, like friends of friends. 


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@Kayla Knepper If your dog can still go on walks, then I would try hanging a little sign on him that has his GoFundMe link and a short sentence that says, I need help with my teeth!  Do try to get your first couple of donations though to help to validate your fundraiser. 

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@Kay Kay Hall  do you have some friends who you can couch surf with while you look? You might also have some legal rights here that are worth looking into, especially because you have a child. I also found a site online for your area that might have some resources for you worth checking out -,5885,7-339-71547_93449---,00.html

I shared on Facebook, Twitter and Wireclub (chatsite) 

Most, well if not all are coming out of Facebook that are helping me. 

I”m half way thru to collecting what I need to fix my car.

Why oh why do we have car inspections!!!!!

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