Is there anything that will help me reach my goal?

  • 9 January 2022
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How do I go about getting my campaign in front of people, I have sent out over 200 requests for family and friends to share the link, not even donate, and it's been ignored. Even my family that I always would run to help day or night. I don't know what else to do 

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Hey @Kelsey Kendall It looks like some of that work paid off! I see that you already raised about half of your goal.  This is no easy feat, so I do want you to recognize that you’re doing great so far. 


With fundraising, it may require you to revisit some of the same people you’ve already shared your fundraiser with. I know, it can feel awkward at times, but it’s important to keep at it. Why? Well sometimes people need a little extra time, an extra reminder, another paycheck, or a different headspace to donate.

I’ll give you an example. My friend was sharing a fundraiser she made, and at the time that I saw it, my wallet was halfway across the house and I was too lazy to get up from my cozy bed to get it. Then the next week she send another message, and reminded me that I wanted to donate. That time when I saw her message I had my wallet nearby and was able to donate immediately.


The only tip I would add is to try to personalize your message with individuals that you’re pretty confident will be able to help. Let them know how much it would mean to you if they were to give, since the situation will make it possible for you to go to work to support yourself. 



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