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  • 27 October 2021
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Fundraising through GoFundMe is a type of crowdfunding, which means the best way to raise money is through your friends, family, and acquaintances.  However, there’s other ways to get people to support your cause, too. The key is to lean on your story to clearly communicate who you are, what your fundraiser is for, and why it’s important to you.

Check out our post on how to write a fundraising story for more details on how to write an effective fundraiser story.

OK, so you’ve written your story - now what? 

  1. Share your fundraiser on local bulletin boards or businesses in your area. You can do this by printing out a poster from your GoFundMe page. The flyer will include a link to your fundraiser, so anyone who comes across it can navigate to your page. 
  2. Make your own QR code and post it in places around your neighborhood. All you need to do is drop your link into this free QR code generator website, download, and print. If you choose to try this method, be sure to include a welcome message in your story. 
  3. Contact a local newspaper. If you can, try posting an advertisement in your local paper to ask for some help from your community. If that’s too expensive, another option is to see if they would do a story on your cause. Especially if your cause is tied to a wider issue in the area, you might be able to get some free press. 
  4. Network with other people who have experienced something similar to you in the past. Find people who relate to your cause on a Facebook or Meetup group in your area to see if you can find support there. They will know your experience firsthand, and might have some extra tips, emotional support, or feedback when you need it.

For more fundraising ideas, check out this blog post.


What about you– what fundraising ideas would you suggest for other community members who might not know many people?

7 replies

Good evening,  I am also having some trouble with raising funds. Idk what all to do with it honestly at this point but share it. I may re write it maybe.… flyers printed up and passed out that'd also be 100 percent effective for sure. 

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Hey @Lacey Gabhart where have you shared your fundraiser so far? 

To see traction on your fundraiser, I’d suggest contacting 1-2 friends or family members who can help advocate for your cause. Think about the people closest to you in your life, who could potentially feel some ownership of the campaign because to their relationship to you. Those are the people you should reach out to first to ask for help.If possible, call them or speak to them in person to share the meaning of their support. From there, they can help spread the word even further by sharing your cause with their own network as well. 

Good afternoon Olivia, I have shared it to many of my family and nothing has come about. I share it about everyday. I am at loss..... It really has shown me alot 😪 

One of my family members has shared it for me that I know of and one of my family members have donated. 

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@Lacey Gabhart In that case, I would suggest posting some updates on a consistent basis, and thanking your supporters, along with asking them to keep sharing your fundraiser link with those they know. Outside of social media, there’s some other ways to share including emails, texts, calls, and posting flyers in your local community. 


Awesome tips! Thank you. I will try them! 

Thank you so much. I didn't know where to start 

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