What are some other sites to share my GoFundMe?

  • 4 January 2022
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Anyone have other sites they suggest other than facebook to share our gofundme goal? We are trying to raise money for a new sanctuary for upstate South Carolina to rehab and release wildlife. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!


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You can try NextDoor, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, or Snapchat.  Since most donations (at least at first) will come from people you know personally, I would start by reaching out to those people to see if they can help spread the word on your page to their own networks. This can help to put your fundraiser in front of other people who you might not otherwise have access to. 

Ty!! We will defiantly try it! 

Thank you so much you gave good eyesore on encouraging not to give up and to try no matter what struggles I'm facing life is what you make hope faith integrity and just being honest about your situation. Should be enoufh.thank you for helping me understand I have brain problems ptsd cognitive dually diagnosed and bipolar you been helpful and made me feel there's hope.sincerely Jeanine burnell

I’m glad I found a post that suggested this. I’m going to read through the community to see what I can do to get something started on (below) because I’m at the point of giving up. Not to be a negative person but it seems people totally go for funding for fur babies and things, but not for serious health issues like my own, so I’m just… dunno. I’m glad others are getting help, but at the same time frustrated and adding to my headaches with crying. 


(post made possible via electronic text programs, as my skills at typing are whacked thanks to the thing I’ve named ‘patricia’)  Hoping for some human kindness to help. (the big white circle of the CT is the tumor)

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